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What we do is layouts and organization of exhibition space and we also have been producing exhibition stands from 2010. We are passionate about our work and therefore we do it professionally and at highest quality standards, our genuine enjoyment and positiveness from our work coming as a bonus. We strive to meet our clients’ expectations as our clients very responsibly prepare for their events and would like to see only the best results from participating in an exhibition.

What makes us different from others is our “boutique” individual approach to each and every client at each and every stage of our cooperation. On receiving a technical program, we thoroughly create the particular exhibition stand and there is no customer “stream” in it. We only engage in the projects that we can do at one time with necessary quality.

We are looking forward to good communication and good and mutually beneficial cooperation with you!


All projects
All projects

«The biggest nonsense to do all the same and hope for a different result»

Albert Einstein

«Business is the attitude of people, not money»

Richard Branson

«To hell with all of it! Take it and do it!»

Richard Branson

«If you correctly explain to people «why», they will always find a way «how»

Jordan Belfort